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Ryuichi Sakamoto Japan Tour 2005

band members Sakamoto | Sverrisson | Oyamada | Fennesz | Jansen

band short
stage shot
festival backstage
Sakamoto soundcheck
Sakamoto soundcheck
Fennesz soundcheck
Jansen soundcheck

in rehearsals

Sverrisson soundcheck
Sverrisson/Fennesz and many sake
Jansen/Sakamoto with tour truck
Jansen/Sverrisson "iki"
Live ICC
Live ICC

the band performed at the ICC

in support of the Laurie Anderson exhibiton

Applestore Ginza
Applestore Ginza event
Applestore Ginza event
Applestore Ginza event

Steve gave a seminar about his DAW MOTU software at the Ginza Applestore 

Jude in the music store

checking out 'the boss"

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