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Unique Collaborations


Steve Jansen & Charles Storm

01 126

An improvised performance recorded live at Cloudchamber, Gothenburg during the making of the second album of their band project 'Exit North'. Available only via Bandcamp. The download comes with front and rear sleeves in high resolution

Steve Jansen & Maiya Hershey

01 Toward The Surface
02 Vertical Sleep
03 Neither Present Nor Absent

04 As We Drift

05 Blue Nest


An ambient work recorded in Lebanon and London.

Subtle piano meld with gentle orchestral elements and synthesisers with layered sound design, loops and field recordings

Streaming available via Bandcamp. Vinyl (while stocks last) and streaming available from State51 Conspiracy

Music For A Dying Star - CD / Streaming - 2015
Alma Music Box x 11 Artists
booklet cover
rear cover
booklet page

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array telescope (or ALMA) sits 16,570 feet above sea level in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. Its 66 antennas peer into the depths of outer space. ALMA listens to the electromagnetic radiation that comes from the stars and pieces that data together to figure out what’s going on in outer space. The data recorded from R Sculptoris in 2011 was mapped directly to circular discs that could be played on a symphonium music box. 70 different radio images onto 70 musical discs. As the disc spins around the player, little teeth pluck the holes and emit a twinkling sound. It sounds sweet, like a lullaby coming from the mobile above a baby’s crib. But there’s a sadness to it, too, perhaps because we know the star is in the process of dying out forever

A selection of 11 artists were commissioned to compose music incorporating melodies drawn from a dying star

In 2016 the music was performed by the artists with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra at the Miyako Messe in Kyoto

01 Alma Music Box No. 07

02 The Signals

03 Limbo

04 #31-#40

05 Sea Ice

06 Waves Of The Frequency

07 The Blossoms Close At Sunset

08 Lost Star

09 Thoughts Of Colours

10 Chascon 5850

11 Awai

12 Alma 712

Artists: Sawai Taeji | Mito | Steve Jansen | Goro Ito | Shuta Hasunuma | Taro Umebayashi | Throwing A Spoon | Shione Yukawa | Taikuh-Jikang | Christian Fennesz

Shift III - Nissan CM Tracks- CD - 2009
17 Artists

01 Design For Tomorrow

02 Waltz For Debby

03 Sowing The Seeds Of Love

04 Bongo Breaks

05 We Will Rock You

06 The Powered Suit

07 Driving In Your Car

08 C'Mon Everybody

09 Nanimo Iranai

10 La Vie En Rose

11 Open Arms

12 Use Me

13 Don't It Drive You Crazy

14 Now I Know

15 Sleepyard

16 Kitto Kitto!! Tooku Tooku!!

17 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Jansen was commissioned to adapt his track "Sleepyard" for a Nissan TV cmmmercial shown in Japan

Nissan release tracks used in their commercials on CD, in their unadapted form

A Secret Life - CD - 2009
Steve D'Agostino, John Foxx & Steve Jansen

02 A Secret Life - Part 1

02 A Secret Life - Part 2

03 A Secret Life - Part 3

04 A Secret Life - Part 4

05 A Secret Life - Part 5

06 A Secret Life - Part 6

rear cover

After meeting when performing with Harold Budd in 2005, (where Jansen performed one of Budd's pieces for solo gong), Foxx invited Jansen to record something similar for an ambient album. The result is "A Secret Life".

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Tribute- CD - 2007
12 Artists

01 Penguin Cafe Single

02 Air A Danser

03 Telephone And Rubber Band

04 Pythagoras's Trousers

05 Paul's Dance

06 Simon's Dream

07 Music For A Found Harmonium

08 Isle Of View (Music For Helicopter Pilots)

09 Southern Jukebox Music

10 Sketch

11 Perpetuum Mobile

12 Vega

booklet cover
booklet page
booklet page

11 Japanese artists plus Steve Jansen created a tribute album to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Track 8 "Isle of View" was performed, arranged and mixed by Steve Jansen

Christian Fennesz, Steve Jansen, Keigo Oyamada , Skuli Sverrisson & Ryuichi Sakamoto,

In August of 2005 Jansen took part in a special performance (along with the rest of the Ryuichi Sakamoto 2005 tour band members) at the ICC (NTT Intercommunication Center) - a cultural facility in Tokyo Opera City Tower in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.


The performance was an extension to the Laurie Anderson exhibit "The Record of the Time'" This was an improvised performance which also incorporated recorded narration from Laurie Anderson. The recording resides in the ICC archive

Steve Jansen & Claudio Chianura

01 Awakening

02 Operator

03 Gates Of Moscow

04 Life Size

05 Elevator

06 At Work

07 Playtime

08 Dusk

09 Machine Room

10 Mirror

11 Ballerina

rear cover

Recorded in Milan, Palazzina Liberty on 11th December 1999, Steve Jansen with keyboardist Claudio Chianura, his brother Piero Chianura and guitarist Roberto Zorzi performed live to a screening of Dziga Vertov’s film "The Man With A Movie Camera" (Kinoapparatom). Originally released on Jansen's own Medium Productions label in 2001, this was reissued on Bandcamp in 2015 with three additional tracks by Jansen ("Machine room", "Mirror", "Ballerina"), all previously unreleased, taken from the same inspiration and completed in 2015.

The music is dark and foreboding whilst also at times playful and whimsical. As in the movie Kinoapparatom there are elements of magic and trickery and a sense of montage. Many fragments creating the whole. Virtov set about being a visual poet against the backdrop of everyday life in a Russia just prior to the weight of Stalinist orthodoxy that came crushing down on the avant-garde movement. This impending weight underlies many of the titles with mechanised loops and ambient dissonance, often interrupted by human or analogue frivolity.

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