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The Occurrence of Slope

a solo concert at Persimmon Hall Tokyo 2008

The show was in two parts: Part 1. the performance of the album "Slope", and after a short interval, Part 2. the performance of "Swimming In Qualia - Ascent"

The musicians with Steve Jansen on stage were: Takagi Masakatsu (keyboards) and Keigo Oyamada (guitar) and Seigen Tokuzawa, (cello) leading a string quartet: Masahiko Todo (1st violin), Mika Naramura (2nd violin), Mikiyo Kikuchi (viola). Shoko Ise provided visuals. These visuals were featured throughout almost the entire set and the vocalists who featured on the album all contributed to the films with their performance. These were: Tim Elsenburg, Anja Garbarek, Thomas Feiner, David Sylvian, David Sylvian with Joan Wasser & Nina Kinert.

The show was recorded and released on DVD entitled "The Occurence of Slope" [more here]

Rehearsals took place over a period of four days from 25th to 28th February

Oyamada at rehearsal
Jansen at rehearsal
Takagi at rehearsal
audience POV
side POV
live quartet
live performance/Deadman
live performance / Anja
live performance
live performance/David & Joan
live performance
live performance/Thomas
live performance
live performance/Tim
live performance/David
live performance
live performance
live performance/Takagi
live performance/Jansen
live performance/Oyamada
live performance/Quartet
concert merchandise
concert program
program front
program inside
program inside
postcard set design and artwork by Ed Tsuwaki
postcard sleeve front
Takagi by Ed Tsuwaki
postcard box set
Jansen by Ed Tsuwaki
postcard sleeve rear
Oyamada by Ed Tsuwaki
postcard image by Shoko Ise
portraits Jansen by Ed Tsuwaki comp
The Shed postcard
postcard image by Shoko Ise
Jansen portrait postcard
flyer 1 front
concert flyers
flyer 2
flyer 1 rear
backstage photos by Chikashi Suzuki
backstage pass
Oyamada & Takagi dining
Jansen & Takahashi dining
Jansen/Ise/Takahashi dining
photos by Shoko Ise
Jansen & Takahashi pool
Jansen & Takahashi pool
Jansen cue action
Takahashi cue action
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