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Slope - Deluxe Edition (complete album)

Slope - Deluxe Edition (complete album)


A deluxe version of the 2007 release of 'Slope'. A triple CD release which includes 4 remixes, a live soundtrack from the DVD titled 'The Occurrence Of Slope' (a one-off show performed in Tokyo on 29th February 2008) and 8 tracks of music written for various film projects titled 'Sound For Film'.


The original album tracks


1. Grip

2. Sleepyard

3. Cancelled Pieces

4. December Train

5. Sow The Salt

6. Gap Of Cloud

7. Playground Martyrs

8. A Way Of Disappearing

9. Ballad Of A Deadman

10. Conversation Over

11. Life Moves On

12. Playground Martyrs (Reprise)




13. Deadman's Ballad

14. Pieces Cancelled

15. Colloquium Terminat

16. Sow The Salt (Alternative Version)


Live in Tokyo 2028


17. Prelude w/Grip (Live)

18. Sleepyard (Live)

19. Cancelled Pieces (Live)

20. December Train (Live)

21. Sow The Salt (Live)

22. Gap Of Cloud/Playground Martyrs/A Way Of Disappearing

23. Ballad Of A Deadman (Live)

24. Conversation Over (Live)

25. Live Moves On/Playground Martyrs Reprise (Live)

26. Played Out (composed specifically for DVD for credit roll)


Soundtracks to experimental films by Shoko Ise


27. Ascent (Swimming In Qualia)

28. Glimpse (Swimming In Qualia)

29. Noema (Extended Version)

30. Lingering

31. Resistentialism (Extended Version)

32. Conscience

33. Ascent (Swimming In Qualia) Live 2008 (Short Edit)


A new track composed for the deluxe release


34. Let Go



released February 27, 2018

produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by steve jansen at ‘the nest’, uk and samadhisound studios, usa

all computer programming by steve jansen

tim elsenburg vocal, theo travis wind instruments and steve jansen piano recorded by steve d’agostino at the vestry, london, uk

nina kinert vocal recorded by love olzon in stockholm, sweden

anja garbarek vocal recorded by john mallison in oslo, norway


thomas feiner vocal, mandolin and samples recorded by thomas feiner at straysound studio, sweden

david sylvian vocal and guitar recorded by david sylvian at samadhisound studios, usa

joan wasser vocal and violin recorded by bryce goggin at trout recording, brooklyn, usa


tim elsenburg guitar and fender rhodes recorded by tim elsenburg at ‘blue sky falls’, london, uk


bratislava movie orchestra recorded by ján machut & ladislav krajãoviã at slovak radio bratislava studio 5, bratislava, slovakia


orchestra contracted by pavel ãíïek

alberto tafuri piano recorded by alberto tafuri at residence in milan, italy

steve jansen recorded all other instruments and samples at ‘the nest’, london uk

mastered by tony cousins at metropolis studios, london uk

tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 11 published by copyright control, track 3 published by copyright control / copyright control, track 5 published by copyright control / straysound, tracks 7, 9 & 12 published by copyright control / opium (arts) ltd


my personal thanks to:
david sylvian, anja, joan, nina, thomas and tim for taking part. keith lowe for his stolen conversation. alberto tafuri for a clean piano in a tousled room. steve d’agostino for having the keys. richard chadwick & adrian molloy (opium) sari hayashiguchi (epiphanyworks), matthew davidson (motu), simon stock (musictrack)

slope remixes


13/ deadman’s ballad a remix by steve jansen out of ‘the nest’, london, uk

14/ pieces cancelled a remix by steve jansen out of ‘the nest’, london, uk

15/ colloquium terminat remixed by sweet billy pilgrim out of ‘blue sky falls’ london, uk

16/ sow the salt alternative version an alternative mix by steve jansen out of ‘the nest’, london, uk (2013)

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