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"Love Together"

a celebration of 50 years in music

concert at NHK Hall Tokyo 2022

Steve was invited to take the stage with a variety of performers associated with Yukihiro Takahashi's musical career in celebration of his 50 years in music. Although Yukihiro had recently undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor, his recovery was progressing well and it was anticipated that he would be strong enough to join the performance in some capacity.

Sadly however, he had a relapse and was unable to attend and was subsequently hospitalised

Shortly before the show started, crew showed Steve a back projection to be shown during the performance of the song "Stay Close" (a duet between Steve & Yukihiro that Steve was to perform alone). It contained footage of Steve & Yukihiro performing the song on other occasions. Steve asked that during the solo section of the song a message come up on screen asking the audience to give a wave to Yukihiro. His plan was to film the audience on his phone so that it could be relayed to Yukihiro via social media. The audience responded wonderfully


The clip below is the section of the back-projection mentioned above, with the film of the audience inserted for context.

(note this is not the audio from the concert)

live performance
live performance

Steve went on to perform on drums with Kiyoshi Takakuwa on vocals

Takakuwa & Jansen performance

followed by Miu Sakamoto on vocals

Sakamoto & Jansen performance
Sakamoto & Jansen performance
signed event poster
NHK time
YT merch with SJ sticks

sadly Steve was unable to meet Yukihiro due to covid restrictions in hospitals

they were not to meet again

Jansen & Oyamada backstage
Jansen & Oyamada backstage

backstage with

Keigo "Cornelius" Oyamada

who played the Sakamoto tour together with Jansen in 2005 and went on performed for Jansen's solo concert in Tokyo in 2008

Keigo also contributed some guitar on "Anyway, Still" [Exit North]

Jansen & Oyamada backstage
Sugizo, Jansen & Tsuchiya dining

catching up with Sugizo & Masami Tsuchiya

Yukihiro sadly died the following January

Jansen 'X' post

Steve's social media post

the image taken during the filming of "Stay Close"

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