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Jansen, Barbieri & Karn with Steven Wilson & Theo Travis

JBK Polaroids by The Douglas Brothers

In 1997 JBK performed a London show at The Astoria II with special guests Natasha Atlas & Suzanne Barbieri.

this clip contains raw audio from the live performance

JBK went on to join Sugizo’s “Abstract Day” concert events in Japan which was televised by WOWOW


Apart from performing their own set JBK also joined some of the other acts including DJ Krush & Masami Tsuchiya

tour programme cover
tour programme inner pages
tour programme inner pages
tour programme inner pages
tour itinerary
JBK Band Polaroid shot
Masami Tsuchiya with fish
Masami Tsuchiya, Sugizo+!? & Theo Travis
Masami Tsuchiya
Sugizo & security staff Mr. Ito
Steven Wilson
DJ Krush
Mick,, Richard, Masami, Steven

The band also performed live for the Dutch show "2 Meter Session"


The shows in London &  Toyko were recorded and a live album ensued “Playing In A Room With People” which has been issued on both CD & vinyl (now sold out but both versions are available for streaming)

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