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Impossible Until It Happens

a reworked demo from 1982

This is all about a cassette tape from over 40 years ago when The Takahashi Band of 82 made a demo track for a potential TV commercial. The track was only worked on for a day or two and then abandoned.

The track began with chords and synths that Yukihiro Takahashi recorded, the basic building blocks of his composition.

Steve Jansen then added the drum part. Haruomi Hosono added bass, as well as Masami Tsuchiya overlaying guitar parts and Hajime Tachibana adding a saxophone solo.

A very basic end-of-day progress mix was made with no vocal part conceived. For whatever reason the recording was subsequently abandoned as the members continued with their busy year.

Fast forward over 40 years....

At the end of 2023 Steve sent the demo to singer/songwriter Marco Machera, someone he has collaborated with a few times in the past and whose vocal style would compliment the music. Before his passing, Yukihiro also enjoyed Marco's music, including it on his own radio show. Steve asked Marco to consider adding a vocal which he was happy to do, also composing lyrics.

Steve used an AI program to break down the stereo mix of the original cassette recording into individual tracks (this is a relatively new technology and although the quality struggled it allowed for a little bit more flexibility with the mixing and blending of new overdubs). The performed parts were retained, and to which Steve recorded some additional instrumentation as well as joining Marco singing the chorus vocals. Steve then made a fresh mix of the track.


The finished piece: “Impossible Until It Happens”.

Steve & Marco share this as an homage to Yukihiro who passed away one year ago and is greatly missed.


"We can feel the essence of Yukihiro's writing style in this track and we hope that you enjoy it"

Music by Yukihiro Takahashi / Song & Lyrics by Marco Machera

Yukihiro Takahashi - Keyboards
Haruomi Hosono - Electric Bass
Steve Jansen - Drums & Percussion, Additional Sequencers & Synthesisers, Chorus Vocals
Masami Tsuchiya - Electric Guitar
Hajime Tachibana - Saxophone
Marco Machera - Lead Vocals, Samples, Additional Synthesiser

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