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Exit North


the night sky over Gothenburg

Exit North recordings took place in Gothenburg, the home to three quarters of the core members. As did rehearsals for live performances in 2019 & 2023 which commenced in Cloudchamber, the recording studio where Exit North albums are made, and later moving to Tonkontrol, a new studio build project between a team of engineers including Charles and our live sound man Åke Linton

Mikael Backegårdh conducting quartet
Charles at Cloudchamber console
Cloudchamber control room
Steve at the drums, Cloudchamber
Thomas in Tonkontrol studios
work notes
Cloudchamber vintage synths
Cloudchamber control room

Max Wulfson & Hanna Eliasson
Steve & vintage synths
Charles & Thomas
Thomas dubbing vocals
Thron Ullberg session

portrait by Thron Ullberg



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