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Harold Budd Live

a one-off event at the Brighton Dome in 2005

Festival Program Cover
Festival Program Inside

in 2005 Harold Budd announced his retirement from music and an event was planned to celebrate his career


and the release of "Avalon Sutra" on the Samadhi Sound label

various artists performed at the event

Bill Nelson | Steve Cobby | Steve Jansen | Theo Travis | Robin Guthrie | Jah Wobble | John Foxx | Balanescu Quartet

Harold Budd went on to record more music subsequent to the event perhaps inspired by new collaborators

Steve's small role was to perform a solo gong piece "Lirio (1970)" from Budd's repertiore as well as some improvised pieces with the whole ensemble


Foxx | Budd | Cobby


Wobble | Mills | Budd


Jansen | Budd

Balescu Quartet|Budd

Balanescu Quartet | Budd

Jansen|Jansen Jr.|Foxx

Jansen | Jansen Jr. | Foxx

Jansen|Jansen Jr.|Mr & Mrs Nelson

Jansen | Jansen Jr. | Mr & Mrs Nelson


Guthrie | Jansen

Ensemble rehearsal
Ensemble rehearsal
Ensemble rehearsal
Budd|Jansen gong rehearsal

Cobby | Travis | Guthrie | Budd | Nelson | Foxx | Jansen

during soundcheck / rehearsal Steve filmed some moments on stage

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