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Nine Horses

the short lived group project between Steve Jansen, David Sylvian & Burnt Friedman

Snow Borne Sorrow - VINYL - 2024

Features the nine tracks from the original album plus one track from the Money For All EP, the rare B-side of the “Wonderful World” single “When Monday Comes Around” and a previously unreleased Burnt Friedman remix of “Atom and Cell”. All on vinyl for the first time.

Designed by Chris Bigg (23 Envelope/4AD). Housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with printed inner-bags.

This Record Store Day edition of the album is featured as part of the WarChild initiative.

A1: Wonderful World A2: Darkest Birds A3: The Banality of Evil
B1: Atom and Cell B2: The History of Holes B3: Snow Borne Sorrow
C1: The Day The Earth Stole Heaven C2: Serotonin C3: The Librarian
D1: When Monday Comes Around D2: Birds Sing For Their Lives D3: Atom and Cell (Friedman Ambient Mix)

Money For All - CD - 2007

01 Money For All

02 Get The Hell Out

03 The Banality of Evil (Burnt Friedman Remix)

04 Wonderful World (Burnt Friedman Remix)

05 Birds Sing For Their Lives

06 Serotonin (Burnt Friedman Remix)

07 Money For All (Version)

08 Get The Hell Out (Burnt Friedman Remix)

3 new tracks included on this CD along with a collection of remixes by Burnt Friedman

Wonderful World - CD - 2006

01 Wonderful World
02 The Banality Of Evil
03 When Monday Comes Around

04 Wonderful World (Radio Edit)

A CD single of "Wonderful World" taken from the debut album

The release includes a new track "When Monday Comes Around"

rear inlay
Snow Borne Sorrow - CD - 2005

01 Wonderful World

02 Darkest Birds

03 The Banality Of Evil

04 Atom And Cell

05 A History Of Holes

06 Snow Borne Sorrow

07 The Day The Earth Stole Heaven

08 Serotonin

09 The Librarian

The debut album from the writing trio of Steve Jansen,  David Sylvian and Burnt Friedman. Featuring contributions from Stina Nordenstam and Arve Henriksen and Ryuichi Sakamoto amongst many others

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