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Exit North

the band's first ever live performances 2019

The first shows performed by Exit North took place at Billboard Live in Osaka on 25 September 2019.

2 shows in one evening

venue entrance
Venue Entrance

Followed by 2 more shows at Billboard Live in Tokyo on 27 September 2019

prior to the Osaka shows we met with  Seiichi Hishikawa at his studio where he was preparing some background visuals for the shows

Steve & Seiichi

we exchanged signed photography books

Steve & Plastic Chicken
Sari (agent), Steve & Seiiichi

a chance to meet Yukihiro & graphic designer Keiij Terai at a Japanese restaurant in Roppongi Hills

Steve, Yukihiro & Keiji
Yukihiro & Keiji

followed by drinks in a bar and the last photo Steve took of Yukihiro

to Osaka (photo by Jansen)
Charles (photo by Jansen)
Ulf (photo by Jansen)
people in transit (photo by Jansen)
photo by Ulf
Thomas & Charlie (photo by Jansen)
Osaka (photo by Jansen)

live Images from Billboard Osaka & Billboard Tokyo

live ensemble
live ensemble
featuring Thomas Feiner
featuring Ulf Jansson
Sven Lindvall
featuring Seigen Tokuzawa
Steve Jansen
String Quartet
Charles Storm & Ulf Jansson with quartet players
live ensemble
live ensemble
Steve Jansen
live ensemble
Seiichi Hishikawa

when the curtains open to reveal a live backdrop of Tokyo by night

live ensemble
Thomas (photo by Jansen)
soundcheck (photo by Jansen)
Ulf (photo by Jansen)
Ulf (photo and artwork by Jansen :)
Seigen (photo by Jansen)
Seiichi (photo by Jansen)
full ensemble backstage
flyer for the Anthony Reynolds 'Japan' biography
audience table with flyers for the Anthony Reynolds 'Japan' biography
Steve, Yukihiro, Masami & Sugizo meeting backstage after show

sadly the last occasion to meet Yukihiro

Sugizo, Steve, Ulf, Yukihiro & Masami meeting backstage after show
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